Monday, March 22, 2010

Uncovering new areas of the yard - Garden clean up

New area as a whole

This is my first Spring living here and there are many unique areas of the yard. I'm spending time each day raking and uncovering areas that haven't been raked in years. Here's my new favorite little rock and tree outcrop.

Uncovering new little places

As I was cleaning up the layers of dead leaves I uncovered a little rock edge surrounding the outcrop. I can't wait to rake the inside of the area and see what grows there, perhaps add some nice shade plants.

Natural rock garden

Here's a close up of the "natural rock garden". Many types of moss and lichen add beauty and history to the rock wall. One thing I noticed when I moved to the North East (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island area) were the natural-looking rock walls that have been built years ago, climbing the hills, almost randomly in the forests. It's nice to have some of my own little ones in my backyard.

The boys and Jeb the dog

And this is what the boys do to keep busy while we work outside. Great-Grandpa-Pep hooked up their Jeep Power Wheels with a really powerful battery. They can even pop some little wheelies! We had to weigh down the front with some sand bags. They love it and can roll over all the bumps and hills in the yard.


Athena's Armoury said...

Your property looks beautiful. I really love the rock walls.

Anne-Marie said...

Beautiful pictures and gorgeous property. I'll be you have the best playground in town =)