Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seasons At Camp Blain

Summer at Camp Blain

Summer, bright and green. Pool all clean. This is turning into a 5th grade poem. Jacob and Dad riding the lawn mower.

The puddle lake

The pool left a mudpit but the boys don't mind. That frog sandbox lid makes a great boat!

The boys' fort

The fort Jesse built for the boys in the Fall. Not so green anymore, but still standing! Inside is a mock fire pit with an old skillet and some stumps for sitting.

Winter at Camp Blain

That dark red contraption is "the monster". An old oil tank built into a fire pit, or incinerator. Doors open and close and sometimes the flames spiral right out the top. I'll get photos of it when it's raging!


Jeb, our German Shorthaired Pointer. He's the dog that made me like dogs.

I can't wait for the Spring photos, just a few months away!


Anonymous said...

wow, i can't believe those two top photos are of the same area!

Amy said...

It looks so fun there! A great place for a kid and having adventures!